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Facilities Management professional cleaning a parking garage overlooking the city.

A Hands-on Approach

We take a “hands on” approach to our commercial and construction cleaning operation. Being a part of this community, we care about the success of your business and providing a clean environment for our neighbors. We take pride in our work and seek to satisfy your maintenance needs. Our team of professionals are committed to providing excellent service so you can thrive in your work.

We are dedicated to our customers and always make time for them. We believe in staying visible and accessible to them. This customer-first approach is a key part of who we are and how we operate.
- Eric Summers, General Manager

In the Community

When the opportunity arose to partner together with United Way to clean a local high school, we sprang into action. We understand that the success of our community is a priority, so we are invested in its well-being. If you are interested in joining us in this mission, we would love to hear from you.

What We Offer

Our team of professionals are experienced and dedicated to providing exceptional service with quality cleaning products.

Our certified processes are backed by experts, including experts in infectious diseases, industrial hygiene, and more.

We stress in-person training for all our team members, as well as highly specialized training for our those using electrostatic sprayers and other newly adopted disinfection methods.

Our goal is to create clean, inviting environments that help your tenants and guests feel welcome and safe.

Schedule a Consultation

We are flexible and can work around your schedule. Let us know of a time that works best for you when we can visit your facility, or when you would like for us to get straight to work. Reach out to our team today!

Building Maintenance professional checking systems data accuracy.